If you’ve ever seen a video of a dog happily romping around in the snow, then you know that our four-legged friends just love winter. Those furry coats of theirs can be put to the test when it gets really cold out though, and sometimes it can even get so chilly that it’s not safe for them to be outside. Luckily, it’s easy to get your buddy prepared for the worst winter has to offer. Keep your four-legged friend both toasty and stylish this year by buying warm dog clothes for your pup!


Dog jackets and dog vests are great choices for dogs as they’re easier to get on than other outfits, which’ll lead to less fussing from your pet and more focus on having fun in the snow. Some of the best winter dog vests include the Snow Puff Dog Vest, so that all dogs can stay warm no matter what their personal style. Both the blue and pink versions are available in sizes ranging from small to extra large, making it easy to make an adorable matching pair out of your lady Terrier and your gentleman German Shepherd.

Looking for something a little more striking? The bold tone of the Red Puffy Dog Vest is reserved for only the most stylish of pups, those who want to look good while they explore their newfound winter wonderland. You might also consider the Red Jolly Dog Jacket as a gift for your dog or that of a friend. Any pooch that wears it is guaranteed to be the hit of any holiday party (even if they’re more likely to beg for treats than to give them out).


Though winter dog jackets are great for going out, they can get a little unwieldy if your buddy just needs a bit of warmth while they’re snoozing by the fire. Dog sweaters and dog hoodies, on the other hand, are perfect both for both the inside and the out. These comfy and functional pieces of pet apparel are as fashionable as any human outfit, as evidenced by the classic styles of the Blue Snowdrift Cuddler and the Red Holiday Snowflake Sweater. Your dogs are part of your family, so it only makes sense that their outfits bring to mind fondly-remembered holiday sweaters of years past.

Speaking of the holidays, everyone knows how much fun it can be to get your dog into the festive spirit. That’s why we think the  Blue Christmas Star Sweater and Red Christmas Dog Sweater in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large are the best dog Christmas sweaters out there. We believe that dogs of all shapes and sizes should be able to celebrate the season along with their human owners, and we think you’ll agree once you see how adorable your four-legged friends look in their new holiday duds.


As warm as dog jackets and dog sweaters are, however, we know that sometimes it can get too cold for even the warmest outfit to handle. If you want to keep your dog from being turned into a pupsicle, you may want to pick up a hat to go with their new winter clothes. The dog trapper hat is perfect for the little hunter of the family, as it features faux fur lining, a classic plaid pattern and a comfortable chin strap to keep it snug and secure. Even if your dog wasn’t bred for hunting, that doesn’t mean they can’t look the part; the Trapper Hat comes in sizes that fit everything from Collies to Chihuahuas, from Pomeranians to Pit Bulls.

Sometimes, though, even hats aren’t enough. For a totally cozy dog, we suggest a hat and leg warmers combo. With these, your dogs can roll around in the snow as much as they like without any threat of catching a cold. As an added bonus, more of their fur being covered means that your rambunctious pup will be easier to bathe if they happen to get into any frosty patches of mud while they’re out exploring.


After a long day of doing the very important work of Being a Dog, your pooch has earned a well-earned nap by a crackling fireplace. Just because they’re going to sleep, however, doesn’t mean they’re relinquishing their right to be warm and stylish. If your dog’s been a good boy or girl (or even if they haven’t), you can reward them with a Red Santa Dog Pajama Suit to keep them in mind of who’ll be leaving toys and treats under the tree come the 25th.

Maybe your dog sees themselves in a more supportive role than in the shoes of the big guy himself. If that’s the case, they’ll love a Dog Reindeer Hoodie marking them as Santa’s Other Reindeer. Even if Saint Nick isn’t likely to call your pooch off the bench, they’ll at least excel at the task of looking adorable for your friends and family. If your dog’s ambivalent on the whole Christmas thing, they might instead enjoy a pair of cozy and casual North Pole Pajamas. The design features a fun penguin and owl print and one-piece Velcro construction that makes them easy to get on and off.

As the winter months approach, our thoughts naturally drift to memories of friends and family, to the anticipation of the great times that this year’s holidays will bring. Your dog is just as much a member of the family as any other, and as such it’s only right that they get to join in on the fun too. When they’re dressed in one of our warm and fun winter outfits, they’ll be ready to face the cold weather with toasty fur and unflappable cheer.

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