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Make your dog or cat the center of attention at any family event, or transform your pet into the life of the party with a costume no one will ever forget! Our selection of funny dog costumes is sure to get attention and your dog plenty of treats and pets! Whether you’re looking for wigs, wings, or pet pajamas, we have the largest collection of pet costumes online.

Our selection includes a variety of dog costume sizes such as medium dog costumes, xl dog costumes, XXL dog costumes, and more! So no matter what type of dog you own, you can order them a fun dog costume.

As pet lovers ourselves, we know how much your pet means to you, and we want to give you many years of memories. Find the funniest cat costumes and dog costumes for your furry friends today at Pet Costume Center! Have questions about our pet costumes? Contact our team of pet costume specialists today!

How to Measure Your Dog from Pet Costume Center on Vimeo.

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    1. Sizing can sometimes be tricky. Normally when a dog is in-between measurements we recommend sizing up. You can also input your pet’s measurements into our AI powered size recommender on the product page, and it will generate the best size option for your pet 🙂

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