Top 3 Indoor Dog Activities

You can’t always bring your dogs to a party but you can certainly keep your furry pets entertained even when you’re stuck in the house. Check out this listicle of indoor dog activities for you! 

The weather isn’t always great, or at this time, most people are under a stay-inside order due to the pandemic. This means your energetic pets may have to stay inside the house and go stir-crazy with the lack of things to do. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

We have here several indoor dog activities you can do to keep them hyped and well-exercised. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can postpone your playtime fun with your furry friends. 

Ready, set, go for obstacles! 

Obstacle courses will always be one of the most exciting indoor dog activities of all time. It’s a great solution if you have limited space but still want to give your dogs that exercise they need. You can just use the things around your house – your throw pillows, laundry bins, boxes, blankets, staircases, and more depending on your obstacle course. 

You can personalize it even more by making it a themed obstacle. You can dress up your furry pets into dog sports clothes, put on them some jerseys and they’re good to go! 

Teach them new tricks and give ‘em treats! 

Another indoor dog activity we suggest is teaching your pets a fun new trick. You may need to go check out some online tricks yourself. You can go to Google or YouTube, there are tons of tutorials you can follow. 

Play with your dogs first with the tricks they already know before you introduce some new ones. Keep the session short to give them time to absorb what they’ve just learned. Don’t forget to give them treats because we all know how they love treats! 

Schedule a play date! 

This is probably one of the best on this list if you ask your dog’s opinion on the matter. Surprise your dog with a puppy playdate. Call in with your of your puppy pals and visit their place if you’re situation allows. There’s no better way to let them spend their time but to run around your yard or your friend’s yard with other pups as well. 

We have more indoor dog activities for you but that’s for another day! For now, you can try all these three and tell us about the experience. Take some photos and document your dogs’ smiling face having the best playtime fun indoor. 

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