Winter Fashion

Dog coats for winter help your canine stay fashionable, cozy, and clean. Our comfortable outerwear combines function and style to protect your pet from rain, snow, and dirt. A cozy dog coat can also shield your pet from insect bites. Choose from many styles to coincide with your area’s climate or your taste.

Jackets and vests are warm and inviting. Convenient, adjustable Velcro makes them a snap to fasten. Choose a puffy, waterproof vest in solid red, or clothe your canine in a pink or blue one decorated with a bone. For pets that need warmth without a waterproof fabric, our fashionable plaids provide a classic look, or wrap your pooch in our leopard print. Both patterns feature luxurious faux fur trim. Clothe your canine in a dog hoodie when the weather is unpredictable. Select solids, stripes, holiday patterns, or a military motif. If your dog just needs a little protection from the elements, leggings and a hat are the perfect solution. Any canine can wear them with or without a coat. Winter clothes can be worn inside too. Our North Pole and Santa pajama patterns make it feel like Christmas every night. Keep your pet stylish with our canine winter wear.