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  • Argyle Dog & Cat Bowtie

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  • Bark Brew Beer Dog & Cat Costume

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  • Blue Dino Dog & Cat Costume

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  • Blue Monster Dog & Cat Costume

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  • Boo Halloween Dog & Cat Baseball Cap

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  • Brasil World Cup Dog Soccer Jersey

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  • Caterpillar Cutie Dog Costume

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  • Cave Girl Dog Costume

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  • Chick Magnet Dog & Cat Costume

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  • Christmas Reindeer Dog Hoodie

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  • Dog & Cat Bunny Ears

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  • Dog & Cat Pirate Hat

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Halloween is such a fun occasion, so why not get your pets involved? There’s no reason why Fido can’t join in on the trick-or-treating or candy buffet that follows. But before your furry friends mingle with the two-legged creatures, you have to make sure that they dress the part. After all, Halloween is all about the costumes, no matter how cute your pets are normally. At Pet Costume Center, we stock a wide variety of pet costumes for both dogs and cats. In fact, we’re bringing in new costumes all the time to keep the selection fresh and interesting.

As far as dog Halloween costumes go, our selection continues to grow. We carry everything from superhero costumes to hilarious workplace costumes. If you’re not into that sort of thing, we also carry cowboy hats, sombreros, tutus, a monkey headpiece, and more. Cat owners also have a lot of options here at Pet Costume Center. Our cat costumes range from Hello Kitty headgear and bob wigs to spider collars and birthday hats. Browse through our newly stocked products below.