Funny Dog Costumes

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Dogs can be funny in their own right, but when they are dressed up in costumes, they can be downright hilarious! Nothing can brighten your spirits more than seeing an adorable dog dressed up in a silly costume, and that is why we offer an amazing selection of funny dog costumes. All of our dog costumes at Pet Costume Center are guaranteed to raise a smile and even elicit a chuckle. Take a look today and see if you can keep a straight face!

You could always start off simple with a dog banana costume. Featuring the iconic Chiquita Banana logo, these costumes go perfectly with the human version of the banana costume! If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, take a look at our Dumb and Dumber dog costume selection. These costumes feature the ridiculous tuxedos worn by the characters in the film. No matter what sense of humor you (or your dog!) have, we have the perfect costume right now at Pet Costume Center!