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  • Argyle Dog & Cat Bowtie

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  • Bowtie and Cuff Dog Set

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  • Bride Dog & Cat Costume

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  • Business Suit Dog & Cat Pet Costume

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  • Canine Royal Black Bowtie

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  • Canine Royal Red Dog Bowtie

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  • Dapper Suit Dog & Cat Costume

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  • Dog Wedding Veil

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  • Dumb and Dumber Harry Dunne Tuxedo Dog & Cat Costume

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  • Dumb and Dumber Lloyd Tuxedo Dog Costume

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  • Formal Dog Hat

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  • Kanine King Dog Costume

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Have you always known that your dog had a touch of class, but never had a way to show off this side? Well, now’s the perfect opportunity! At, we have a huge selection of dog tuxedos and bride costumes, perfect for an evening out on the town or for a formal affair. Show the world your dapper dog with one of these great dog costumes from Pet Costume Center! Let your dog be the heartbreaker you know he or she is and dress it up to the nines with a tuxedo or gown from!

At, we have everything you need for your dog to really make an entrance. If you’re looking for a simple but effective accessory, consider getting your pooch a dog bowtie. Nothing says sophistication quite like a great bowtie! To enhance the look, top it off with a dog top hat and your dog will look like a million bucks! We can also make your female dog look gorgeous in one of our beautiful Bride Dog Costumes. She doesn’t need to be getting married to turn heads as she trots by. Find these and more today at!