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How to Have a Doggone Good Christmas With Your Pet

The holidays can truly be a magical time for families everywhere. Holiday gatherings are even more special when you include your four-legged companion. Pets just make everything better, and many people consider them to be part of the family. If that’s you, then you know how important your furry babies are during the holidays.


Gifts are a traditional part of the Christmas experience. While they’re not the center of your holiday, you always want to include your pet in the gift-giving tradition. So what makes a great gift for your pet? Well, since it’s cold, why not gift your pup with a warm sweater? It’s a practical solution to keep your pet warm while also looking fashionable! Dog and cat clothes come in a variety of sizes to fit every animal body. What’s more, you have many options to accommodate your pet. For example, if you live somewhere that gets heavy snow, a warm coat or little booties may be a good idea. It’s always best to give your pet something he or she is comfortable in that will also serve a purpose. 

Always measure your pet to determine the appropriate size for any clothing you intend to purchase. Any article of clothing that has to be pulled over the head should be snug but comfortable. Additionally, always start slowly with your pet to see how he or she responds to wearing clothes. Many pets, especially dogs, appreciate having something warm to wear during the holidays.


It’s not a stretch to say that wherever you go, your pet goes. The holidays are no exception to the travel rule. Unless you plan to board your pet somewhere, you must figure this into your travel plans. Winter can be a more difficult time to fly or drive, so be aware of the potential dangers of holiday travel, so you can arrive at your destination safely. Many roads become covered in snow or ice during the winter months. If you’re driving, remember the precious cargo in your car. You have plenty of time to get to your destination, so drive slowly and carefully. Before traveling long distances in a car, make sure the fluids are filled, the tires have enough tread and your brakes are in good working order. It only takes a moment to have an accident, so be careful. 

Similarly, winter presents problems when traveling by plane. Many airlines work hard to accommodate pets that are traveling with their parents, so call ahead of time to verify that your companion can join you. Some planes even allow small animals to ride in the cabin. Always speak with the airline ahead of time.


The holidays are filled with many goodies. From turkey on Thanksgiving to ham on Christmas, you’re sure to have some delicious meals. As a pet owner, you probably want to give your dog some of those tasty treats. There are some people foods that are safe for dogs and cats to eat, but not everything is. For example, dogs shouldn’t have chocolate. That means those chocolate chip cookies shouldn’t be shared with your pup. Turkey, however, is a safe and healthy snack for your dog. Before giving your pet any of your food, make sure it’s safe and appropriate. Yummy and pet-friendly foods can really help your animal have a happy holiday too.

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family. Owners everywhere want to include their pets in all the holiday activities that are happening. By giving thoughtful gifts, remembering your pets in your travel plans and sharing tasty but healthy snacks with your animals, the holidays can be more magical than ever!

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