Halloween is right around the corner! Find the perfect dog costume or cat costume for your four-legged friend to receive all the treats and attention. Here are our top choices for the best pet Halloween costumes for 2019.

Frankenstein Dog Costume

Just cause your pup is a good boy doesn’t mean you can’t dress him up as a monster this Halloween. Choose a traditional Halloween costume for your pet with this adorable yet scary Frankenstein dog costume. This dog costume for Halloween features two parts with a sweater part giving your pooch that green Frankenstein color. The second part is a green hat that gives your pup a square shaped top of their head. Perfect for dogs ranging from small to XL.

Darth Vader Dog Costume

Dress your dog up as a character from your favorite movie series. We offer a variety of movie-themed dog costumes, and one of our most paw-pular is our Star Wars dog costumes. For example, check out our Darth Vader Dog Costume. A great option for dog’s who live life on the Bark Side. Available in sizes ranging from small to XL. Have them wear this dog costume again when the new Star Wars movie comes out later this year!

Tootsie Roll Dog Costume

Have your dog help you pass out candy while being dressed up as your favorite candy! This Tootsie Roll dog costume for Halloween will turn your dog into a cute Tootsie Roll. This dog costume comes in sizes ranging from XS to XL. Trick or treaters will love that your pooch is in on the festivities. Match your dog and dress up like a candy bar too!

Vet Dog Costume

Your dog will have no idea they are dressed as one of their least favorite places to go! The vet dog costume is a funny way of dressing your dog up for Halloween. This dog costume is sure to get laughs and comes in  a variety of sizes. The details of this dog costume for Halloween make it an excellent choice. This dog costume features a bone in the pocket and a name tag saying, Dr. Barker. Make this costume a year-round one and have your dog dress up as the vet during their next vet appointment.

Squirrel Dog Costume

Turn your dog into one of their favorite things to chase with a squirrel dog costume. This hilarious animal costume is perfect for dogs of all sizes from small to XL. So whether you own a terrier of a golden retriever your dog can turn into one of their favorite furry creatures to chase up a tree. Take this costume to the next level and dress up like a dog that way you and your four-legged friend can match.

Puss in Boots Cat Costume

Dog costumes might be slightly more popular than cat costumes, but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up your cat in a cat Halloween costume. We carry the largest selection of cat costumes, check out our full lineup! . Our top pick for cats to wear this Halloween is a fan favorite from the movie Shrek. Have your kitty become a real-life Puss in Boots with this Puss in Boots cat costume. This cat costume includes paw cuffs to make your kitty look like they are wearing boots, a puffy white collar, hat with feather, and a black cape. Have your cat get in on the Halloween festivities with this fun costume!

These are just a few of our top picks for this Halloween season. Not seeing the dog or cat costume you want for your pet? Check out our full selection of cat and dog Halloween costumes and dress up your pet for this Halloween.

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