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Halloween is right around the corner! Find the perfect dog costume or cat costume for your four-legged friend to receive all the treats and attention. Here are our top choices for the best pet Halloween costumes for 2019.

Frankenstein Dog Costume

Just cause your pup is a good boy doesn’t mean you can’t dress him up as a monster this Halloween. Choose a traditional Halloween costume for your pet with this adorable yet scary Frankenstein dog costume. This dog costume for Halloween features two parts with a sweater part giving your pooch that green Frankenstein color. The second part is a green hat that gives your pup a square shaped top of their head. Perfect for dogs ranging from small to XL.

Darth Vader Dog Costume

Dress your dog up as a character from your favorite movie series. We offer a variety of movie-themed dog costumes, and one of our most paw-pular is our Star Wars dog costumes. For example, check out our Darth Vader Dog Costume. A great option for dog’s who live life on the Bark Side. Available in sizes ranging from small to XL. Have them wear this dog costume again when the new Star Wars movie comes out later this year!

Tootsie Roll Dog Costume

Have your dog help you pass out candy while being dressed up as your favorite candy! This Tootsie Roll dog costume for Halloween will turn your dog into a cute Tootsie Roll. This dog costume comes in sizes ranging from XS to XL. Trick or treaters will love that your pooch is in on the festivities. Match your dog and dress up like a candy bar too!

Vet Dog Costume

Your dog will have no idea they are dressed as one of their least favorite places to go! The vet dog costume is a funny way of dressing your dog up for Halloween. This dog costume is sure to get laughs and comes in  a variety of sizes. The details of this dog costume for Halloween make it an excellent choice. This dog costume features a bone in the pocket and a name tag saying, Dr. Barker. Make this costume a year-round one and have your dog dress up as the vet during their next vet appointment.

Squirrel Dog Costume

Turn your dog into one of their favorite things to chase with a squirrel dog costume. This hilarious animal costume is perfect for dogs of all sizes from small to XL. So whether you own a terrier of a golden retriever your dog can turn into one of their favorite furry creatures to chase up a tree. Take this costume to the next level and dress up like a dog that way you and your four-legged friend can match.

Puss in Boots Cat Costume

Dog costumes might be slightly more popular than cat costumes, but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up your cat in a cat Halloween costume. We carry the largest selection of cat costumes, check out our full lineup! . Our top pick for cats to wear this Halloween is a fan favorite from the movie Shrek. Have your kitty become a real-life Puss in Boots with this Puss in Boots cat costume. This cat costume includes paw cuffs to make your kitty look like they are wearing boots, a puffy white collar, hat with feather, and a black cape. Have your cat get in on the Halloween festivities with this fun costume!

These are just a few of our top picks for this Halloween season. Not seeing the dog or cat costume you want for your pet? Check out our full selection of cat and dog Halloween costumes and dress up your pet for this Halloween.

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Sure, you might like the idea of dressing up your canine friend in a dog costume, but that doesn’t mean they like that idea.

Dog costumes may sometimes give even the best-temperament pooches a bit of anxiety. Luckily, there are several ways you can train your dog to tolerate wearing a costume whether it’s a Halloween dog costumeChristmas dog costume or a birthday dog costume.

How do you know if your dog doesn’t like wearing their dog costume? Don’t worry; they’ll let you know. There are several visual signs your dog will give you that their dog costume is not enjoyable for them to wear. Some of these signs include:

  • Keeping their head down
  • Turning their head away from you
  • Tilting their ears back
  • Getting as flat to the ground as possible
  • Freezing when the dog costume is on
  • Raising one paw

When your dog continues to do any one of these signs we recommend taking the time to train your dog, so they can get more acquainted with wearing their new outfit.

Dog Costume Training Tips

First things first, let your pooch get acquainted with their costume, especially if it’s their first time wearing a dog costume. Remember, while you know this is a fun costume for your dog to wear for a special event, your four-legged friend doesn’t know that. To them, it’s just a strange object that is on them! By letting them sniff and getting used to the costume before it’s ever put on, your dog will realize that the dog costume is harmless.

Next, you want your dog to associate the costume with positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to train your dog a trick or in this case a new behavior. Now that your dog has had a chance to give the costume a sniff over start giving your dog positive reinforcement when you show them the costume. The goal of this is to have your dog associate good things with the costume. Give them a treat, praise, or a toy when they sniff or see the costume. Whichever method of positive reinforcement your dog enjoys the most, do this for praising them for interacting with the costume.

After you do this a couple of times with the costume, now try the same method of praise and positive reinforcement when your dog touches the costume. This training will take your dog’s association to the next level with the new dog costume. The goal of this step of training is so that your dog not only associates good things with the costume but good things with touching the costume.

Now after a few rounds of rewarding your dog for touching the costume, repeat with them wearing the dog costume. Now your dog has had plenty of time to get used to the dog costume and should associate the costume with something positive. Make sure to give your pup extra praise and treats.

We hope this training helps make your dog more comfortable wearing their dog costume. Have questions about the dog costumes we sell online or other tips for getting your dog to wear a costume? Contact our team today!

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Buying Guide

Make your dog or cat the center of attention at any family event, or transform your pet into the life of the party with a costume no one will ever forget! Our selection of funny dog costumes is sure to get attention and your dog plenty of treats and pets! Whether you’re looking for wigs, wings, or pet pajamas, we have the largest collection of pet costumes online.

Our selection includes a variety of dog costume sizes such as medium dog costumes, xl dog costumes, XXL dog costumes, and more! So no matter what type of dog you own, you can order them a fun dog costume.

As pet lovers ourselves, we know how much your pet means to you, and we want to give you many years of memories. Find the funniest cat costumes and dog costumes for your furry friends today at Pet Costume Center! Have questions about our pet costumes? Contact our team of pet costume specialists today!

How to Measure Your Dog from Pet Costume Center on Vimeo.

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If you’ve ever seen a video of a dog happily romping around in the snow, then you know that our four-legged friends just love winter. Those furry coats of theirs can be put to the test when it gets really cold out though, and sometimes it can even get so chilly that it’s not safe for them to be outside. Luckily, it’s easy to get your buddy prepared for the worst winter has to offer. Keep your four-legged friend both toasty and stylish this year by buying warm dog clothes for your pup!


Dog jackets and dog vests are great choices for dogs as they’re easier to get on than other outfits, which’ll lead to less fussing from your pet and more focus on having fun in the snow. Some of the best winter dog vests include the Snow Puff Dog Vest, so that all dogs can stay warm no matter what their personal style. Both the blue and pink versions are available in sizes ranging from small to extra large, making it easy to make an adorable matching pair out of your lady Terrier and your gentleman German Shepherd.

Looking for something a little more striking? The bold tone of the Red Puffy Dog Vest is reserved for only the most stylish of pups, those who want to look good while they explore their newfound winter wonderland. You might also consider the Red Jolly Dog Jacket as a gift for your dog or that of a friend. Any pooch that wears it is guaranteed to be the hit of any holiday party (even if they’re more likely to beg for treats than to give them out).


Though winter dog jackets are great for going out, they can get a little unwieldy if your buddy just needs a bit of warmth while they’re snoozing by the fire. Dog sweaters and dog hoodies, on the other hand, are perfect both for both the inside and the out. These comfy and functional pieces of pet apparel are as fashionable as any human outfit, as evidenced by the classic styles of the Blue Snowdrift Cuddler and the Red Holiday Snowflake Sweater. Your dogs are part of your family, so it only makes sense that their outfits bring to mind fondly-remembered holiday sweaters of years past.

Speaking of the holidays, everyone knows how much fun it can be to get your dog into the festive spirit. That’s why we think the  Blue Christmas Star Sweater and Red Christmas Dog Sweater in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large are the best dog Christmas sweaters out there. We believe that dogs of all shapes and sizes should be able to celebrate the season along with their human owners, and we think you’ll agree once you see how adorable your four-legged friends look in their new holiday duds.


As warm as dog jackets and dog sweaters are, however, we know that sometimes it can get too cold for even the warmest outfit to handle. If you want to keep your dog from being turned into a pupsicle, you may want to pick up a hat to go with their new winter clothes. The dog trapper hat is perfect for the little hunter of the family, as it features faux fur lining, a classic plaid pattern and a comfortable chin strap to keep it snug and secure. Even if your dog wasn’t bred for hunting, that doesn’t mean they can’t look the part; the Trapper Hat comes in sizes that fit everything from Collies to Chihuahuas, from Pomeranians to Pit Bulls.

Sometimes, though, even hats aren’t enough. For a totally cozy dog, we suggest a hat and leg warmers combo. With these, your dogs can roll around in the snow as much as they like without any threat of catching a cold. As an added bonus, more of their fur being covered means that your rambunctious pup will be easier to bathe if they happen to get into any frosty patches of mud while they’re out exploring.


After a long day of doing the very important work of Being a Dog, your pooch has earned a well-earned nap by a crackling fireplace. Just because they’re going to sleep, however, doesn’t mean they’re relinquishing their right to be warm and stylish. If your dog’s been a good boy or girl (or even if they haven’t), you can reward them with a Red Santa Dog Pajama Suit to keep them in mind of who’ll be leaving toys and treats under the tree come the 25th.

Maybe your dog sees themselves in a more supportive role than in the shoes of the big guy himself. If that’s the case, they’ll love a Dog Reindeer Hoodie marking them as Santa’s Other Reindeer. Even if Saint Nick isn’t likely to call your pooch off the bench, they’ll at least excel at the task of looking adorable for your friends and family. If your dog’s ambivalent on the whole Christmas thing, they might instead enjoy a pair of cozy and casual North Pole Pajamas. The design features a fun penguin and owl print and one-piece Velcro construction that makes them easy to get on and off.

As the winter months approach, our thoughts naturally drift to memories of friends and family, to the anticipation of the great times that this year’s holidays will bring. Your dog is just as much a member of the family as any other, and as such it’s only right that they get to join in on the fun too. When they’re dressed in one of our warm and fun winter outfits, they’ll be ready to face the cold weather with toasty fur and unflappable cheer.

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Let’s face it, we all love costumes and dressing up, even more so when your beloved pet gets to join in on the fun! Cats are widely known to be picky with wearing foreign items and clothing, although not all. Increasingly the cat costume trend is picking up, and it seems more and more cats are accepting and allowing of wearing these festive costumes. We can thank social cat influencers on Instagram such as @zappa_the_cat and @waffles_the_cat for setting the bar when it comes to cats in costumes.

While there is no magical spell to get your cat to wear an awesome costume, these 5 steps will increase the chances by encouraging the behavior and acceptance of wearing cat costumes. Your fierce feline will be strutting the streets in the latest superheroes and pop culture icons in no time. Be sure to check out the largest selection of cat costumes here at Pet Costume Center!

1. Make Sure the Costume Fits.
This is most important. A costume that is too small or too large will never be comfortable for your furry feline. Comfort is key if a cat will decide to keep it on. Something that is too tight will be extremely uncomfortable and prevent your cat from moving freely, while something too large will not stay on properly and pose a risk to your cats safety. A baggy costume may have loose pieces that will get in the way of walking, jumping, and climbing.

Generally a cat will wear a X-Small or Small size for a comfortable fit. If your cat is on the larger side (dang those extra treats), a Medium size would be best. It is extremely important to measure your cat to decide which size will fit best. You should measure your cats back length, chest, and neck. Check out our video on how to measure your dog for a brief idea (same measurement principles apply to cats). Use these measurements to decide sizing based on the costume size charts provided.

2. Choose the Right Type of Costume.
Nobody knows your cat like you do. You may be able to predict whether a full costume or accessory will work best. Costumes come in all shapes and sizes, with some being more complex than others. Simple is usually the better choice with cat costumes. If this will be your cats first time in a costume, try going for a one-piece costume, or “walking” costumes that always seem to work best with first time cat-cosplay. As an example, The Star Wars Princess Leia Costume is designed as a “walking” costume meaning that it gives the appearance of a mini Princess Leia walking across your living room, except with your pets cute face! This type of costume may be best because it is only one a one-piece body suit that hangs and fastens from the neck, without any fabric or pieces draping over the back or hind legs. If your cat is comfortable with clothing, you may want to go with a full costume like the Puss In Boots Costume, complete with a cape, scarf, paw cuffs, ruffle collar, and hat.

3. Allow Time for Your Cat to Get Used to the Costume
What is this alien thing?? That’s what your cat will be thinking in it’s head, unless it actually is an alien costume which in that case, your cat needs to go to Harvard. Now.

This new costume you just got in the mail is something your cat may not be familiar with. Have your cat get used to it by laying it next to her. Let her sniff and touch it until she realizes this item is no threat. Placing a few favorite treats on top of the costume will help. Shortly after, try gently placing the costume on top of her playfully for a few seconds, without actually putting it on. If your furry feline is doing great, make sure to show love and reinforcement with plenty of treats. Treats will help tremendously here to reward any positive actions, such as allowing the costume to touch her and be placed onto her fur. This step should be repeated over a few days for your cat to internalize these behaviors.

4. Once Comfortable, Put the Costume On.
This step is crucial! Make sure you let her play with her favorite toys and have her favorite treats on hand while wearing the costume. This will allow her to become distracted from the fact she has a costume on, and allow her to move freely while wearing it. Full acceptance of the costume may take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few days, to a few weeks. It is important to start your costume search early to allow your furry feline to get used to the costume in time for the holiday.

5. Take Pictures!
Cat costumes are a great way to include your cat in the family fun, and allows for some oh-so instagramable pictures sure to get loads of likes. It is important to keep in mind that cat costumes should only be worn with your supervision. A pleasant costume experience for your cat will allow years of cat costume fun ahead.

This probably goes without saying, but be sure to take LOADS of pictures of your cat in that oh-so-stylish costume. The internet just doesn’t have enough of em’.